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An energetic Japanese restaurant of Awajishima "ONO" will be entertaining our MOGANA's guests during the beautiful Spring Season

The event has been finished. We thank you and all participants.

Mogana will be hosting an event "MOGANA ONO" for the first week of May. "ONO" is an energetic Japanese restaurant featuring high-class ingredients of Awajishima, which was once called "Miketsukuni", one of the lands of royal provisions from ancient times.

The chef of "ONO" will be entertaining our MOGANA's guests at the Bar located on the second floor for exquisite dinner nights. (limited time only)

As for experiencing MOGANA's spirit, with the beliefs that we have, is to give our guests full hospitality, which will enrich their lives, not only entertaining our guests "Necessities of life", but also to make their travel more special, richer and memorable.

Date 2nd - 6th of May 2019
  • 20,000yen per person
    (tax included / hotel fee not included)
Contact Email:

"ONO" Owner Chef, Kota Ono

Born, raised in Awajishima. Long standing third generation cuisine restaurant.
Started "Ashiya Ono", a catering business only for the weekends in Ashiya-city.

Opened "Kitashinchi ONO"only for the weekdays in Kitashinchi Osaka by requests from his big fans.

Cuisine menu example of Japanese restaurant "Ono"

"ONO" will entertain our customers knowing all of the seasonal Awajishima ingredients for the first week of May. He is planning to prepare the products such as "Hamo=Sea eel", "Yura Uni=Sea Urchin", "Octopus" and "Anago=Conger" * In regard to the provision of ingredients, please understand that there will be some changes due to the purchase situation.