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Our breakfast,
our Japanese sense of beauty

FUKIYOSE is a Japanese word which expresses
"the drifting of the colors and scenes of the season all gathered in one".

The ingredients for MOGANA's breakfast are grown at the Awajishima area known for its rich resources,
long preferred through our history and now,
gathered as our FUKIYOSE BREAKFAST.

Our tableware are specially made
by "Awabi ware" and "Rakutogama" also from Awajishima.
Please experience Awajishima's richness
through MOGANA's breakfast.

Room Service "ZEN"

We offer room service for your precious moment
to relax your body and to feel relieved.

Proposing a deliciously sensitive beautiful "Japanese Yakuzen(medical herbal cuisine)”.
Considering your physical condition of each season, please enjoy our room service.

Kokusai Yakuzen Gakuin (International Health Food Institute) has supervised
a light meal,
such as Ochazuke, and gluten free soba noodles,
which will gently relieve your body and skin.


Mixed grains rice ball placed in a warm mushroom soup.
Mushrooms are necessary for growth, health, and for good condition.
Enjoy adding some toppings.

Gluten free soba noodles

For those who wish to eat noodles for a late-night meal, we offer healthy noodles using gluten-free brown rice noodles and with a medical herb such as white jellyfish and chicken wings. We prepare two herbal cuisine ingredients with plenty of collagen.


For those who did not have enough drinks, we have "ROOM SET ZEN".
Depending on the season, a Medicinal liquor chef recommended sake and snacks that are perfect to enjoy.

【Example of ROOM SET "ZEN"】
We recommend a Japanese sake brand “SOUKU".A fruity sake.
The taste is a bit sourly and there is a deep taste behind it.Three kinds of snacks with different texture will be prepared too.