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Visiting the World Heritage site, TENRYU-JI Temple An exclusive spring night with music, dinner, art and architecture at Hogonin Temple.

The event has been finished. We thank you and all participants.

MOGANA will be hosting a “NIGHT WITH CHERRY BLOSSOMS” on the 30th of March. The night will also include a visit to TENRYU-JI Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there, the guests will be able to set their eyes on rare areas of the temple.

This exquisite night will be offered to MOGANA’s guests for a special price.

Here at MOGANA, we have been suggesting the conscious of Japanese tradition to our guests who have been staying with us.

Kyoto is one of the most popular site-seeing locations in Japan, and visitors from all over the world, would like to have if possible a special experience.

So we MOGANA, would like to offer an exclusive tour, “to offer a NEW kind of hospitality”.

Date 30th March 2019(sat) 3pm ~ 8:30pm
Place TENRYU-JI Temple・Hogonin
  • 30,000yen per person
    (tax included / hotel fee not included)
Tour Itinerary
  • Visit TENRYU-JI
  • Stroll the LION ROAR landscape garden
  • Lecture by the Chief priest
  • Live music performance by in front of HOGON-IN TEMPLE’S main hall by Wu-fang
  • Dinner at HOGON-IN TEMPLE’S study hall
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We will introduce a world heritage site TENRYU-JI Temple. Guests will be able to enjoy various scenes of the temple and to set foot on HOGONIN Temple, usually not open to the public.
An exclusive night will take place here along with the scenery, a live music performance, and a special dinner produced by KUMAHIKO ARASHIYAMA.

A very luxurious tour limited to 20 guests.

With the beliefs that MOGANA, we hope to give our guests complete hospitality, which will enrich their lives.

FULLY ENJOY the World Heritage site, Tenryu-ji temple and its private areas

This special tour “A NIGHT WITH CHERRY BLOSSOMS” will start with a visit to Tenryu-ji temple, located in Kyoto’s Saga Arashiyama.The temple itself was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.

We will also experience their beautiful garden.

A stroll in HOGONIN’s “Lion’s Roar” landscape garden

After visiting Tenryu-ji temple, we will explore HOGONIN, the largest sub temple at Tenryu-ji temple, presently famous for its historic “Lion’s Roar” landscape garden.
The garden will only be opened to the MOGANA guests who will certainly experience the beauty and gracefulness of this very Japanese garden.
Furthermore, the guests will be able to enjoy a cherry blossom viewing and have a first-hand experience of the Buddhism within the scenery.

An lecture of the temple by the CHIEF PRIEST

After visiting the garden, we will appreciate the famous Eleven-faced Kannon Bodhisattva enshrined in Hōgonin’s main hall, and the 58 sliding screen paintings by the famous modern painter Noriko Tamura.

The paintings are mainly with vermillion, they impressively tells the story of how Buddhism had been introduced into Japan and how the Kannon Bodhisattva saved the people.
The main hall has been reconstructed ten years ago.
One can still sense the Japanese Cypress aroma throughout the space, which leads to the purification of the mind and soul.
We will hear Gizen Tahara、a head master and priest of Hogonin Temple gives details on the temple.

An exquisite Japanese dinner at a HOGONIN’s private area with a view of the garden

The so call study room is a mixture of traditional and modern Japanese architecture built during then TAISHOU era. A restricted area usually not open to the public, but will be specially opened for the MOGANA guests. One can be fascinated by the view of the garden from this study room. Dinner will be served in this room by the famous cuisine of Kyoto,

KUMAHIKO ARASHIYAMA. A special menu, prepared by the chef Motoi Kurisu, will make the night with cherry blossoms ever delightful.

Music by Wu-Fang to accompany the scenery

To make our guests feel the brilliant view of the garden and to enjoy a luxurious menu, we have selected the music of Wu-Fang’s music to complete the night.

Her music played with GU ZHENG, the roots of Japan’s tradition instrument the KOTO, its perfectly with the view.